Yesterday, delegates at the ACT Labor Conference voted to endorse missing middle housing reforms, based on Missing Middle Canberra’s policy proposals, as part of the ACT Labor policy platform.

Missing Middle Canberra, a coalition of 15 community and business organisations, applauds this decision as an important step towards delivering the housing we need to make Canberra a more affordable, liveable and sustainable city.

The strong support for yesterday’s resolution is further proof that Canberrans care deeply about these common sense reforms to deliver more homes. It also comes off the back of recommendations from the Legislative Assembly’s recent inquiries into cost of living pressures and housing and rental affordability that endorsed missing middle reforms.

We look forward to working with Labor to implement their missing middle commitments. However, housing is an issue too important to be addressed by one party alone. We call on the Liberals and the Greens to embrace an agenda of housing abundance, and we look forward to working with all parties on this critical issue.

Quotes from Missing Middle Canberra coalition partners

“We welcome this commitment. When housing is abundant, the whole community benefits. Renters can benefit from lower rents and more leverage to enforce their legal rights. We call on the Greens and the Liberals to also support steps to allow more housing to be built in Canberra.” - Joel Dignam, Executive Director, Better Renting

“PTCBR are pleased to see missing middle housing reforms added to the ACT Labor platform. Allowing more medium density homes close to light rail and frequent bus services, rather than out on the urban periphery, will provide real housing choice for Canberrans, and help our city grow sustainably.” - Ryan Hemsley, Chair, Public Transport Association of Canberra (PTCBR)

“Canberra’s housing crisis requires bold action. Labor’s decision to endorse the Missing Middle Canberra reforms is an important step towards delivering enough housing for our growing population, while making our city more sustainable and liveable for everyone. We hope all parties in the Assembly will embrace these common sense reforms.” - Andrew Donnellan, Secretary, Greater Canberra

About Missing Middle Canberra

Missing Middle Canberra is a coalition of 15 community and business organisations and hundreds of individual Canberrans calling for common-sense reforms to our planning system to enable more medium-density housing and make Canberra a more sustainable and affordable place to live.

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